IgG Smartstrips

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Verpakkingshoeveelheid 10 tests per kit
Calves are born with no resistance to disease. Colostrum from the mother is essential in order to develop the so-called passive immunity for protection during the first few weeks of life. 

The degree of immunity is determined by checking the IgG (Immunoglobulin type G) in the calf's blood. If the IgG is too low, something has gone wrong in the transfer of immunoglobulin via the colostrum. This is known as Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT). Possible causes of FPT are delayed colostrum intake, poor quality colostrum or insufficient colostrum.

SmartStripsTM is an innovatieve concept based on ELISA technology, which makes it possible to measure the IgG content in calf blood. 

A small amount of blood goes into a sample bottle with buffer solution and the test strip is placed in this solution. After 10 minutes the strip is scanned with the IPhone app, after which the quantitative result (mg/ml) is immediately displayed.

• On farm measurement
• Quick: results in 10 minutes
• Easy
• Quantitative reslults (mg/ml)
• Online data
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